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The BZ & Sons professionals know power washing — the 'finishing touch'!

Pressure Washing Outside

As you know, the cleanliness of your business' exterior has enormous implications for the customer traffic you will generate. Did you know it also affects many other areas of your overall maintenance costs?

Many business owners initially choose to have BZ & Sons Sweeping and Washing provide 'spruce up' power washing services, so their property will look inviting to potential customers. In other instances, as is shown in the photos below, heavy equipment that is powerwashed runs better and will have a significantly longer service life.

Washing Tank When it comes to paved surfaces, most don't realize is there are a number of other, equally important, reasons to develop and maintain a scheduled pressure washing routine. For example, when dirt is allowed to stay on the sidewalk or parking areas its not long until a deterioration process sets in.

Where the pavement surface has been seal-coated, this protective coating will not continue to keep the pavement protected. The same is true of areas that have line striping on them, such as parking areas and other, marked, access and safety areas. In addition, the surfaces will be subject to the growth of molds and mosses. These have health and safety implications since they tend to increase the incidence of slip-and-fall injuries.

Heavy Equipment

That's because sand, dirt and other trash are quite abrasive. If you leave them in place, over time the useful life of the pavement will be shortened. This material will also degrade the general appearance, length of service time of any sealcoating, striping, etc.

The same is true for interior floor surfaces: If you allow your pavement to remain unswept and/or your sidewalks and other transit areas collect dirt, then you'll more than pay for it in interior floor restoration. The grit tracked into your buildings acts like sandpaper to wear off the finish to interior floor surfaces.

Washing Pavement

Replacement costs for floors and pavement sealcoating and striping far exceed the routine expense of a pressure cleaning program. With their extensive experience in this field, the professionals at BZ & Sons Sweeping and Washing can provide you with a range of options designed to maximize your total maintenance budget. You will save both time and money by having us draft and develop a maintenance plan to meet your organizational needs and demands.

BZ & Sons uses a trailer-mounted Alkota Power Washer capable of 5000 psi. at 230 degrees. Also now available is 'recovery pressure washing,' which many property managerss believe represents the wave of the future. BZ & Sons' power washing equipment now can be used with up to 93% water recovery.

Our power washing team offers hot and cold water cleaning for:

Alkota Pressure Washer
  • Pavement and sidewalks,
  • Building exteriors,
  • Graffiti removal,
  • Drive through areas,
  • Paint removal,
  • Wet sandblasting,
  • Fences,
  • Heavy equipment cleaning,
  • Independent School Districts (ISDs)
  • Wall preparation prior to painting,
  • Surface prep prior to sealcoating,
  • Driveway cleaning, and
  • Your exact need.
  • Interior Pressure Washing

    We even pressure wash interior surfaces!

    Sometimes pressure washing is the best way to clean interior ceiling and surfaces. A member of the BZ & Sons washing program management team will be glad to provide you with a courtesy onsite professional assessment of your interior or exterior surfaces. Just send us an email request or call 903.732.9882.

    Remember, BZ & Sons is a 'one call does it all' company when it comes to many property maintenance issues. Additional services we provide include:

  • Complete power sweeping services,
  • Winter de-icing programs,
  • Mowing services,
  • Limited landscaping services,
  • Weed abatement,
  • Tree removal
  • Large item removal,
  • Pavement striping,
  • Pothole patching, and
  • Other services by request.
  • Mailbox Cutout We invite you to look around our website to see more about our company and the wide variety of quality services we offer. Then, please contact us to tell us how we might assist you with completing your sweeping, washing or other outside maintenance project, on time and within the agreed-upon budget.

    Call 903.732.9882, or send an email to You'll be glad you did.

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